Assessment via Telepractice

The results of this study evidence the validity of evaluation procedures of receptive vocabulary skills. They used the TVIP and PPVT-4 to test receptive language skills across two occasions in a year.

Conclusions: “Face-to-face and telepractice assessments seem to be comparable methods for the assessments of Spanish and English receptive skills. Spanish and English receptive skills increased over time in children with and without DLD.”

When testing students via telepractice using standardized tests, always consider if validity studies have been completed. Typically publishers will share this information on their websites.

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More data to support our assessments via telepractice.
For this study half of the participants were Spanish-English bilinguals. even though there are considerations to be made when completing assessments via telepractice, we can consider this an appropriate model to assess students that otherwise would not have access to our services.