Materials for Teletherapy

As a new or maybe not so new teletherapist we are always looking for good and fun materials for our students. There are tons of websites and TpT sellers in which we can get the materials we are looking for. However, as a teletherapist for 5 years, I would like to recommend two places where you can find fun and FREE materials for your students. The first one is the Vocovision Toolkit. Every month there are new materials that we have free access to use. I invite you to look closely and explore the materials on Toolkit. I guarantee that you would love some of them and use them as many times as you can. I already have my favorites and always look at what they have new to incorporate into my sessions. The second place is from the Facebook group Green Screen Speech Therapy (Distance Learning)(Green Screen Speech Therapy (Distance Learning)). In this group there are a lot of teletherapist, virtual clinicians and teachers that create fun and free materials that you can use, and, in many cases, you can edit for the specific needs of your students. There is so much creativity there! Also, you can find authors that sell their materials, but for sure you’ll find something great, fun, and free to use in your next session. Go and explore, you’ll thank me later.

Where else do you find your materials?

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I like using PowerPoint to organize my virtual sessions, especially for those students that benefit from visual schedules. Here is a video that illustrates how to create an interactive game for therapy in PowerPoint.

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I love it!!! Definitely, I’ll try it.

I love music and I love incorporated it to my speech sessions. On You Tube you can find Super Simple Songs channel and it has adorable songs. I love to use their songs at the beginning of my sessions (as a routine) or to complement what I’m teaching. They have different song for seasons, skills and themes. You can choose whichever works for your students. Try them and let me know how it goes. :wink:

They have their channel in Spanish too!! Super Simple Songs Spanish

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